Erika Jordan OC Cover Girl

What could be the perfect Valentines Day gift? Well for Erika Jordan it is the cover of the OC Weekly Sex Issue which is out on Valentines Day. Yes Erika Jordan is as happy as a barrel of pandas to be featured in the OC Weekly. Not only did Erika Jordan make the cover but was the featured article is this weeks issue with an in depth interview from Anthony Pignataro. Now while Erika Jordan makes a tour of local liquor stores looking for the latest OC Weekly on display you can bounce over Right Here to read the article, I will wait on your return. Wasn’t that a great interview. If you are interested in Erika Jordan helping with your dating, relationships and sex life then explore the options at Virtual Sexpert. If you have ideas you want played out in video form then jump into the pool at Custom Dream Models, it won’t hurt unless you want it to.