Erika Jordan Adventurist

Erika Jordan is back on the advice trail with a new video on how to add adventure to your bedroom. And yes it begins with talking, diving out of the closet dressed like Super Dave is likely the wrong way to go. Take a trip to Erika Jordan’s YouTube channel to keep up with the latest advice and funny content.

Also new from Erika Jordan is a commercial for Eye Of Love pheromone jewelry. For fans of Erika Jordan Eye of Love is offering a 20 % discount on orders from their site just enter ERIKA20 as a coupon at checkout. Erika Jordan was asked for a review but thought it would be more fun to turn it into a commercial, let her creative side fly.

The project Erika Jordan worked on with Dr Ava Cadell, Sexycises, is now available for rent or download from Vimeo Sexycises By Sexperts.